AppWall – More Than Just a WAF

Cyway Blog - AppWall – More Than Just a WAF

As cyberattacks and mitigation techniques continue to evolve, enterprises need to be on alert and keep time to protection as short as possible. Advanced methods exploit application and API vulnerabilities that present new challenges to web application firewalls (WAFs) in securing an organization.

Our Radware AppWall Whitepaper examines this in detail, looking closely at:

Advanced Web Application Security

AppWall provides complete web application and API security, combining both negative and positive security models. It blocks attacks at the perimeter and ensures fast, reliable, and secure application development and delivery.

Comprehensive and Accurate Security Coverage

AppWall provides full security coverage out-of-the-box of OWASP Top-10 threats, including injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), broken authentication, leakage of sensitive information, and session management.

Automated Protection from Zero-Day Web Attacks

By using both negative and positive security models – AppWall features not only the lowest false positives and minimal operational effort, but also robust protection against known and unknown (Zero-day) threats.

Leveraging Machine-Learning Algorithms for Auto Policy Generation

AppWall’s unique auto policy generation mechanism provides the best tool for automatically generating security policy for the protected web application and APIs.

Continuous Security Delivery

AppWall is the first WAF to provide a real-time security patching solution for Web applications in continuous application deployment environments. This is accomplished via tight integration with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solutions

IP-Agnostic Device Fingerprinting for Bot Protection

AppWall’s device fingerprinting and activity tracking modules offer IP-agnostic source tracking to help address the threats advanced bots pose to applications and APIs, such as web scraping, web application DDoS, brute force attacks for password cracking and clickjacking.

Unique Out-of-Path Deployment with Full, Line-Speed Mitigation

AppWall is the only WAF that can be deployed out-of-path while still providing full mitigation. As part of Radware’s integrated Attack Mitigation Solution, Defense Messaging, a unique messaging mechanism, enables AppWall to signal Radware’s perimeter attack mitigation device, DefensePro, when a web application attack is detected, block it at the perimeter and protect the rest of the network

All-in-One Application Delivery & Security

When AppWall is deployed as part of Radware’s application delivery controller, the solution provides a comprehensive set of availability, acceleration, and security services designed to ensure fast, reliable, and secure delivery of mission-critical web applications, regardless if they run in a datacenter, private or public clouds.

Fully Managed Web Application Protection

Understanding the challenges organizations face in managing and maintaining web application security solutions, and the required labor that comes with onboarding, tuning, and analyzing security policies, Radware offers a fully-managed Cloud WAF Service – provided by Radware’s ERT security experts and includes the ongoing management, monitoring, and configuration of the on-premise WAF device.

Authentication Gateway

AppWall’s user authentication and single sign-on offering functions as an authentication tier in front of the web applications or APIs. It applies two-factor authentication, authorizes and enforces a web access control policy, and enables access to premise-based applications from outside the enterprise network. Various authentication schemes are supported among which are the FBA (Form Based Authentication), NTLM, and KCD (Kerberos Constrained Delegation).

Multi-Vector Role-Based Security Policy

By leveraging AppWall’s authentication and SSO, application or organizational web role (employees, partners, customers, etc.), and security policies (such as application access, data visibility, and web security) can enforce segregation of duties that ensure access to data is based on business needs.


AppWall enables organizations to fully comply with PCI DSS section 6.6 requirements and includes the granular event analytics to convey visibility into the application security and detected attacks. Its detailed PCI compliance report analyzes the security policies, provides automatic compliance status and a mandatory action plan for compliance.