Granular Remote Access without VPN

Provide secure, reliable remote support to employees both on and off the network. See their screen, chat, elevate privileges, and access their mobile device camera to troubleshoot peripherals. The solution is capable to Support for all client platforms. Remote working can bring challenges. Here we present summaries of the market-leading technologies and solutions that can ensure remote workers access their data and applications, securely. Reliable integration for SSO to your critical resources, with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy and:

  • Access To Pre-integrated Apps
  • Verify (OTP) mobile authenticator for secure MFA
  • SSO And MFA For VPN To Enable Secure Remote Access

Secure Privileged Access for On-Site and Remote Administration

Provide your IT administration teams, outsourced IT, and third-party vendors with secure, granular access to critical infrastructure resources regardless of location and without the hassles of a virtual private network (VPN). Privileged Access Service enables secure remote access to data center and cloud-based infrastructures through a cloud-based service or on-premises deployment.

  • Grant IT administrators secure, context-aware access to a controlled set of servers, network devices and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
  • Enable outsourced IT without the need of including administrators in Active Directory.
  • Enable secure remote access to data center and cloud-based infrastructures for internal users, third party vendors and outsourced IT through a cloud service or on-premises deployment.
  • Secure all administrative access with risk-aware, multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Single secure access point for administrators to manage infrastructure using shared accounts or their own Active Directory account.

  • Control access to specific data center and cloud-based resources without the increased risk of providing full VPN access.

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