Use next-generation data discovery and classification and robust vulnerability scanning to automatically understand what sensitive or regulated data your organization holds. You can then identify database vulnerability exposures and misconfigurations and get remediation recommendations.

Traditional, manual approaches to data protection can’t enforce separation of duties, recognize suspicious activity in real time, unify results, or help you act. Compliance mandates and potential audits increase complexity. Our Data Protection solutions help monitor and audit all data activity across databases, files, cloud deployments, big data repositories and containers. By every measure, Kubernetes is dominating the container orchestration market.

Cyway understands that enforcing sensitive data protection with real-time controls and analytics and accelerate compliance with pre-built reports for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX and more is highly required in any organization.

Encryption products reduce enterprise time and cost to implement best practices for data security and compliance on-premises and across clouds. File and volume encryption capabilities, tokenization, application encryption and security key management capabilities help you maintain control of sensitive data, enforce access policies and map to compliance requirements.

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