Is XDR Enough? Use The Power Of Relationship To Expedite Adversary Response

While tools are many to analyze and give reports, a true relationship-based attack storyline is missing in todays solutions offerings. Cyway understands the fundamental challenges faced by todays Corporate environment and provides solutions analyzing relationship-based approach to threat storyline. Today’s XDR & associated solutions provides:

  • Visibility into endpoints, networks, and SaaS applications like Office365, and cloud infrastructure like AWS/Azure
  • Threat Intelligence/Azure
  • Application, Host Including Geolocation, and User Information/Azure
  • Vulnerability scanning results and NGFW logs

Yet even with EDR solutions in place, security teams continue to struggle to keep up. Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has surveyed many organizations who have tried post-processing EDR and NTA data in an attempt to stitch together attack details. While most teams are depending on multiple, independent tools, ESG research shows that 66% of respondents believe that effectiveness is limited with this approach because it is based on multiple independent point tools.

ESG further notes that “…with 76% of companies claiming that threat detection and response is more difficult today than it was two years ago, current detection and response tools aren’t keeping up. While endpoint detection and response solutions have helped many organizations identify and respond to attacks they believe would have otherwise been missed, many organizations say that they are still falling further behind, lacking the ability to keep up with the volume of modern attacks. A new approach is needed.”

At Cyway, we redefine XDR and offerings based on Autonomous detect, investigate & response with solution context of every attack, understanding the relationship the attacker is having with their infrastructure. Using AI powered inquiry engine to ask thousands of forensic questions per second to fully contextualize the attack and orchestrate the findings as visual storylines, the solution allows Security analysts to respond in real-time.


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