Cybersecurity Simplified


Cybersecurity Simplified

About Wallix

Founded in 2003, WALLIX is the first European cybersecurity software vendor to be publicly traded, listed on the EuroNext since 2015 (code: ALLIX). As a leader in the Privileged Access Management market and with a strategy based on innovation and agility, WALLIX offers a suite of open-ended solutions which are resilient, easy to use, and fast to deploy.

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Why Wallix

WALLIX protects identities and access to IT infrastructure, applications, and data. Specializing in Privileged Access Management, WALLIX solutions ensure compliance with the latest IT security standards and protect against cyber-attacks, theft and data leaks linked to stolen credentials and elevated privileges to sensitive company assets.

Cybersecurity Simplified

Comprehensive solutions with seamless user experience. Easy to deploy, simple work with and maintain.

Privileged Access Management Leader

Protect your strategic assets by controlling and auditing user privileges and secrets with a leader in PAM

Industry-certified Solutions Provider

End-to-end certified solutions to achieve compliance with national, state, or business regulations

Data Privacy By Design

As a European leader, WALLIX cares about data privacy. Keep control of your data; don’t let others take advantage of its value.

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