Unrivaled Visibility and Real-Time Data and Threat Protection


Unrivaled Visibility and Real-Time Data and Threat Protection

About Netskope

The cloud is transforming your organization. It is changing how you work as everything is becoming more intuitive, connected, open, and collaborative, and that change is rippling across SaaS, IaaS, and web environments. This creates new challenges and risks that legacy security solutions cannot address. You need security that can protect your data and users, wherever they are.
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Why Netskope

Netskope Security Cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Only Netskope understands the cloud and takes a data-centric approach that empowers security teams with the right balance of protection and speed they need to secure their digital transformation journey. From data created and exposed in the cloud to data going to unmanaged cloud apps and personal devices, Netskope protects data and users everywhere. Netskope Solution areas:

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Prevents sensitive data exfiltration

Public Cloud Security

Visibility & Control to Multi-cloud Environment

Next Generation Security Web Gateway (SWG)

Monitor, Control & Protect

Private Access

Monitor, Control & Protect

Begin Transformation to SASE

Application Policy Management and Analytics

Real-Time Data and Threat Protection

Unrivaled visibility to threats in real time

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