Web Application Security Monitoring


Web Application Security Monitoring

Web Application Security Analyzer

This free online service provides a security assessment of your web application’s attack surface based on Purplemet’s engine. Fully detailed analysis results and vulnerabilities can be shared only with the analyzed web app’s owner staff members who provide us with valid professional contact details.

About Purplemet

Purplemet is a non-intrusive cyber hygienic barometer enables web applications to be analysed in seconds and provides visibility to the attack surface along with a decision radar that distinguishes assets based on risk exposure. Purplemet works based on the below:
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Why Purplemet

Lightning Fast Analysis

Fingerprint your web application technologies in a few seconds to ensure a fast coverage of your web assets scope as often as necessary.

Security Risk Identification

Highlight components affected by CVE based vulnerabilities and risky features such as administration consoles or debug mode.

Deep Stack Inspection

Analyze technology stack levels of your web applications to index detected components from WAF to JavaScript libraries including associated versions.

Non-Intrusive Approach:

Avoid any kind of impact to your web applications during the analysis with our non-intrusive approach based on headless browsers.

Change Monitoring

Receive real time alerts when new technology or version is detected and when new CVE vulnerabilities are released.

Smart Security Classification:

Rate in continuous your web applications technologies attack surface to help you prioritize web security assessments.

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