Cyway introduces Lightning-fast Analyzer from Purplemet to the Middle East

Cyway Press Release - Cyway introduces Lightning-fast Analyzer from Purplemet to the Middle East

Dubai, UAE — Cyway, identity-centric and cloud security Specialist, announced the introduction of One-of-a-kind Web Application Security Monitoring SaaS Analyzer services in the Middle East in collaboration with Purplemet.

Security testing for applications is important. Modifications are unacceptable and intolerable. Our web application security focuses on what hackers may see and exploit. Flaws that allow attacks to succeed are quite widespread and occur anywhere. If one part of a website is vulnerable, there is a high likelihood that there are other problems as well.

Our methodology is complementary to scanners enabling cyber hygiene on a URL portfolio while providing an additional list of vulnerabilities. These technologies make our method the fastest, most cost-effective, and the non-intrusive benchmark solution for web app security.

There are many use cases:

  • Closes gap on uncovered Web Applications that are out of scope for Web App Vulnerability scans
  • Covers “blind period” on infrequently scanned web apps
  • Allows customers without scanning ability to cover their Web App portfolio with an affordable solution
  • Helps prioritize web apps that need to be scanned or pentested

Ali Yekrang, Director of Channel at Cyway commented, “Purplement’s unique technology empowers us to offer a new concept in securing applications by assisting developers to assess their web applications for vulnerabilities and version inadequacy within few minutes. It adds a continuous web application monitoring service to End-users’ Security Operation Centers or Channel partner vulnerability management services.”

Raphael Illouz, CEO of Purplemet commented that Purplemet is pleased to announce its new partnership with Cyway in the UAE, with exclusive coverage of the entire Middle East & Africa regions. This exciting collaboration is to bring Purplemet’s SaaS web application security solution to reach new markets.

About Cyway

Cyway is a Dubai-based emerging leader in value-add cybersecurity distribution with a mission to be a leading cybersecurity business enabler for cloud and SaaS. It has partnered with leading technology alliances to provide solutions as well as consulting and professional services to partners and customers across the Middle East and Africa. Cyway offers extensive experience, expertise, industry insight, an established ecosystem of reseller partners, and a track record of exceptional service.