XM Cyber

Leading Hybrid Cloud Security Company

XM Cyber

Leading Hybrid Cloud Security Company

About XM Cyber

XM Cyber, a Schwarz Group Company, is a leading hybrid cloud security company that’s changing the way Innovative organizations approach cyber risk. Our award-winning Exposure Management platform lets you continuously see your on-prem and cloud networks through the eyes of an attacker and spot attacks before they happen. Because when you see all the ways in, you can keep them all out.

XM Cyber is revolutionizing the process by which organizations detect and address security vulnerabilities in their hybrid cloud environment. By analyzing how attackers exploit misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and identity exposures across multiple environments such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem, XM Cyber enables organizations to identify potential threats to their critical assets. This comprehensive approach allows organizations to proactively address potential security issues and reduce the risk of their systems being compromised.

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Why XM Cyber

As digitalization continues to grow, ensuring security is crucial to safeguarding expanding ecosystems. XM Cyber offers a novel approach to proactively prevent cyber-attacks by simulating how an attacker would move through the network. By identifying critical attack paths across both on-premises and multi-cloud networks, it assists organizations in efficiently closing security gaps before any systems are breached. This cost-effective solution enables organizations to effectively mitigate potential security threats and safeguard their systems from attack.

With the XM Cyber Exposure Management Platform, you can understand security posture like never before and communicate this accurately to the board with a fraction of the effort. See the attacker’s perspective of your hybrid-cloud network via a comprehensive attack graph of your exposures and fix the exact issues that put your business at risk.

The XM Cyber Exposure Management Platform

Cyway - #1 Cybersecurity Solutions Distributor in the Middle East - XM Cyber

Reduce The Time it Takes to Respond to Threats

  • Get quick and thorough analysis with the efficient modeling engine
  • Visualize all attack paths across your AWS, Azure, GCP and on-prem environment on a single attack graph
  • Contextualize risk to critical assets
  • Pinpoint key intersections where attack paths converge to prioritize remediation efforts
  • Proactively mitigate potential threats in seconds
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Build Better Relationships Between IT Ops and Cyber Security Teams

  • Provide solid and clear reasoning behind remediation recommendations to align IT ops and security teams
  • Expand beyond security from an IT operations perspective to include developer hygiene management
  • Sift through the noise and focus on fixing real issues instead of simply responding to all alerts
  • Improve identity and access management processes
Cyway - #1 Cybersecurity Solutions Distributor in the Middle East - XM Cyber

Get Laser-Focused Risk Removal

  • Understand why remediations should be performed
  • Reduce the volume of remediation requests
  • Get step by step remediation instructions to quickly close security gaps
  • Support business decisions with data that demonstrates how security posture is improving
Cyway - #1 Cybersecurity Solutions Distributor in the Middle East - XM Cyber

Maximize Security With Comprehensive Critical Asset Visibility

  • Get comprehensive understanding of what assets in an organization can be compromised
  • Obtain real-time insight into the percentage of critical assets at risk
  • Visualize how attacks can spread throughout the environment
  • Detect and prevent lateral movements within the network
  • Secure both cloud and on-premises systems for full coverage
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Close Gaps in Your Security Controls Before They Get Exploited

  • Ensure continuous validation for security tools (in-cloud and on-prem) that are configured properly and functioning
  • Continuously validate compliance with standards like ISO, NIST, PCI, SWIFT, GDPR and others
  • Regularly review priorities needed to cover security gaps, alongside with recommendations for steps to improve
  • Get alerted to deviations from normal behavior with precise analytics

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Use Cases

Enterprises are empowered by XM Cyber to continually gain insights into the areas and methods in which cyber-attackers can infiltrate their network and compromise essential assets. XM Cyber’s identification of attack paths is rapidly followed by targeted remediation, which is prioritized for maximum effectiveness, in a continuous 24×7 loop. This approach enables enterprises to proactively address potential security threats and ensure that their systems are protected around the clock.

Risk Exposure Reduction

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Hybrid Cloud Security

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Cyber Risk Reporting

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Vulnerability Prioritization

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Active Directory Security

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SOC Optimization

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Supply Chain and Third Party Risk Management

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Ransomware Readiness

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Continuous Controls Monitoring

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Breach and Attack Simulation

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Continuous Attack Surface Reduction at Enterprise Scale

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