SIGA OT Security

Safeguard Your Industrial Assets

SIGA OT Security

Safeguard Your Industrial Assets

About SIGA OT Security

SIGA OT Security Solution (SigaPlatform) offers continuous monitoring and anomaly detect ion for industrial and mission critical infrastructures. The solution offers unique approach in the OT security space which is monitoring the actual electrical signals of the instruments, assets, and processes deployed in Level 0.

The Siga Platform offers an unmatched visibility into the physical processes by leveraging the raw signals, that do not lie, being the very first sings of process anomaly, whether caused by an electrical or mechanical fault or cyber attack.

The embedded Machine Learning engines provide unparalleled insights into device and sensor performance, optimizing industrial equipment maintenance strategies and costs

Why SIGA OT Security

SIGA OT Security solution is the only OT Security solution today in the OT cybersecurity industry that monitors the Level 0 assets. Monitoring the real electrical signals between the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the instruments in Level 0 provides a cutting-edge approach in detecting anomalies related to outage, failure, misbehavior, and of course cyber attacks as a result of misuse, malfunction, or cyber breach.

With SIGA, you can TAKE YOUR INDUSTRIAL ASSETS TO THE NEXT LEVEL by Providing cost effective value from day one, SIGA significantly improves the cyber security and asset resilience of operational technologies, while providing alerts and insights at the earliest possible opportunity.

There are broad range of values that critical infrastructures can benefits from SIGA unique approach and solution including:


SIGA gives you the earliest indication of malfunctions, misuse or cyberattacks, enabling you take the appropriate action at the first possible opportunity.


SIGA’s solution is simple and economical, requiring minimal resources. It’s also quick and easy to install and provides value from day one!


SIGA is an industry authority with proven expertise and experience in machine-learning, operating technology, industrial critical infrastructure and cyber security.

Quick & Easy to Install

Uniquely located between the critical process sensors and PLCs

No False Alarm

Early warning with virtually no false alarms or missed anomalies


Fully integrated on an electrical level. The most reliable source of information

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence algorithms remove the need for complicated rule setups


100% out-of-band. Installed on-site in complete isolation from externally-connected communications networks

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