Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)  “patented field proved technology”


Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)  “patented field proved technology”

About odix

No one can detect all malware threats – odix simply protects against them!

odix`s file sanitization regime leverages the proprietary True Content Disarm and Reconstruction (True CDR™) technology. The process is called “odixing”.

odixing purges electronic media of malware by processing all incoming files using set policies. Files from a wide range of file types are tested to confirm that they match the respective file type standards. Then, the odix CDR Engine disarms and neutralizes subspecies code and then rebuilds files into clean versions that are sent to end users for immediate use. Unlike traditional anti malware technologies, odixing is effective against both known and unrecognized malware.

Why odix

odix solutions are ideal for organizations that rely on ongoing incoming and outgoing file-based data exchange for productivity. Such exchanges provide numerous opportunities for hacking and insertion of malicious software including viruses, trojans, and worms. Due to the unique technology, odix is capable of eliminating malicious code hidden inside innocent-looking files, including ransomware, Zero-Day attacks, etc.
odix solutions include:

odix Kiosk

Eliminating The Threat of Malware from Removable Media Such As Thumb Drives, CD, DVD, Portable Disks etc.

odix NetFolder

Secure and Simple Way to Scan and Sanitize Files On The Move. Works With Any Network Files Application

odix API

odix Provides Application Developers With a Full CDR engine and API to Enable Them to Develop File Sanitizing Applications

odix Mail

Add CDR to Any Email Gateway for Secure Attachments


Native Deep File Inspection Plugin for Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

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