Zero Trust Security


Zero Trust Security

About Ericom

Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation empowers users to access the essential web-based tools of every modern business securely and efficiently – websites and email — without the risk of malware attacks or credential theft and without investment in costly infrastructure.

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Remote Browser Isolation - Next Gen Web Security and Phishing Prevention.

Traditional web security approaches often can’t stop threats like drive-by downloads, malware embedded on legitimate sites, and malicious advert isements, browser plug‑ins and extensions.

Our unique Remote Browser Isolation Zero Trust security approach fully protects endpoints from threats like these, while delivering an excellent web browsing experience for users. Block Ransomware and other browser-based exploits, while allowing secure access to any website.

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Secure App Access

Easily and cost-effectively add Zero Trust Network Access security controls to existing VPNs and firewalls, to prevent attacks from spreading and causing damage in your network.
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Add Granular App Access Controls, Fast

The simple, cost-effective way to add Zero Trust Network Access. Integrates easily with existing VPNs and firewalls to secure remote and local network access, and protect against hackers as well as insider attacks.

Minimize Attack Surface to Protect Apps and Data

Prevent attacks from spreading laterally by “cloaking” applications and restricting network access to only what is normally needed. Apps become invisible to unauthorized users, who can’t attack what they can’t see.

Create Least-Privilege Policies Automatically

Access control is only as granular as the policies that enforce it. The solution’s Automatic Policy Manager makes true user-level, least-privilege policy creat ion hands-free, for even the largest organizations.

Simple and Cost-Effective Zero Trust Network Access

Get the benefits of least-privilege permission-based access control, with just a quick software addition to your VPN and NGFW infrastructure.

Easy for IT

Integrates easily with leading NGFWs and VPNs. Clientless design means there’s nothing to install on endpoints.

Transparent for Users

Users connect via VPN client or local network as usual, and have access to all the resources and apps they’re authorized to use, with no extra sign-ins or hassles.

Work From Home

Quickly Connect Employees with In-office Desktops and Resources During Coronavirus Closures and Protect Them – and Your Networks – from Web-based Threats.

Simple, quick set-up

Cloud-based Ericom Connect can be set up and ready to use in just a few hours, with clientless remote installation on target desktops

Easy for Users

Allows remote users to work – as usual – on their in-office desktops, with their usual browser. There’s nothing to install on their home device, no new software to learn.


Integrates with existing VPN, or can be used to free up VPN capacity by using our built-in gateway to secure communication.


Choose the flexible price model that’s right for your business

Protection from web-based threats

Keep remote users — and your business networks – safe from malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.

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