Zero Trust Privilege


Zero Trust Privilege

About Centrify

Centrify Identity-Centric PAM establishes trust, and then grants least privilege access just-in-time based on verifying who is requesting access, the context of the request, and the risk of the access environment. Centrify centralizes and orchestrates fragmented identities, improves audit and compliance visibility, and reduces risk, complexity, and costs for the modern, hybrid enterprise.

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Why Centrify

Centrify is redefining the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management by delivering multi-cloud-architected Identity-Centric PAM to enable digital transformation at scale. Over half of the Fortune 100, the world’s largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure companies, all trust Centrify to stop the leading cause of breaches – privileged credential abuse. Centrify is a Leader in Privileged Access Management space with the below solution areas.

Secure Remote Access

Provide VPN-Less Admin Access

Cloud Transformation

Secure your Cloud

Identity Management for UNIX and Linux

Simplify Infrastructure Management
Centrify’s cloud-ready PAM services are built for the cloud from the ground up while supporting on-premises as well as hybrid environments. Furthermore, Centrify offers the flexibility and efficiency that is simply not possible with a legacy Privileged Access Management approach, which is often based on an appliance deployment.

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