Majority of data breaches originate within organizations due to human error or employee negligence. Data leakage from business processes flaws are inadvertent, and data loss is a pervasive problem.

Companies rely heavily on network security to protect their data, but firewalls and monitoring systems can do little to prevent a breach when the access to data is not restrictive enough within the organization.

To protect your data, you must know where it is, who has access to it, and who defines that access.

Digital Identity & Privileged Access is the Cornerstone of Any Organization’s Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation has created the need to improve our ability to access data anytime and anywhere. It has become one of the few constants that we must be in control of and should be at the top of every organisation’s agenda.

Complexity of Digitalization has increased the associated risk. The attack surface or exposure of publicly accessible corporate data dramatically rises. The shared infrastructure of public applications are often being accessible and used by millions of users.

From physical and application access to policy and compliance, Identity is at the core of everything we do.

Questions That Organisations Should Be Asking Themselves

Can I report on all of this at an IT, Board and compliance level?

Who should get access to those sensitive project plans?

Who should get access to Office 365?

Who should get access to the email system?

What department does that person belong to? Should the same person have access to accounts payable and receivable?

What solution should I consider if I have multi-cloud environments for centralized visibility and policy enforcement?

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